Laying Hen Chicken Female Breeder Use Automatic Feeding Equipment

Laying Hen Chicken  Female Breeder Use Automatic Feeding Equipment

                             Breeder open trough chain feeding method


             What's the Style Plan And Feeding Method Structure for your Breeder Home ?
1]. For breeder farming, the woman breeder and male breeder quantity ratio is ten:one
two]. If you rearing female breeder and male breeder with each other, Usually woman breeder layout in two aspect on the plastic ground of breeder residence and male breeder design in the middle on the ground of breeder house.
3]. For 2 facet feminine breeder, use 2 or 3 loops open trough chain feeding method or chain-disc pan feeding method For center male breeder, use 1 line metering cylinder pan feeding line
                                                               The Format as Adhering to
                                       2 side for feminine breeder use open up trough chain feeding loops
                           middle for male breeder use metering cylinder auger pan feeding line


one]. Style 3 feminine breeder open up trough chain feeding loops. 
2]. Each and every chain feeding loop have 2 feed bin.
3]. Layout 1 primary feed filling tube, shipping feed from exterior Huge feed hopper to 6 feed bin.



Breeder Chain Disc Pan Feeding Program Benefit
1]. The feed supply velocity reach 36m/min. Minimize down breeder feeding time variation. 
two]. Easy to put in, Less maintain.
three]. CZPTest is the head manufacturer of open trough chain feeding technique components, such as feed trough,corner, generate motor,feed trough bracket all created by ourself. We can source the factory and wholesale value.


                                                                 Products Listing Illustration
If your breeder home is 122m*15m rearing ten thousand feminine breeder
Then we design three feminine breeder open up trough chain feeding loop Each and every feeding loop 120m*3m.


                               Female Breeder Open up Trough Chain Feeding Program
No.            Items Description                          Specification Qty   Unit
20001 Travel motor Device Assembly two.2kw/380V 50HZ or 220V 60HZ  three Established
20002 Corner assembly TS product Not have equipment twelve Established
20003 Very hot galvanized Feed trough 3m/PcsGalvanized fat 275g each square meter1.2mm thickness 246  Pcs
20004 Feed chain-disc Metal chain-disc& import from South Africa 738 Meter
20005 Feed Bin Capacity 240kg,Sizzling-dip galvanized six Set
20006 Feed grid for Feed trough 1.5meter/PcsInclude patent feed include for feed grid 492 Pcs
20007 Connect Adapter for Feed trough to Link feed trough 1 by one 246 Pcs
20008 CZPT manage box 3-approaches Established
20009 Feed trough bracket Scorching galvanized 246 Pcs
2571 Corner assembly bracket Sizzling galvanized twelve Pcs
20011 Install and Repair instruments Tensioning and Reducing equipment Established


Laying Hen Chicken  Female Breeder Use Automatic Feeding Equipment