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Product Description

OBAKING  organization prvides a complete established Automated sprial cooler towers or cooling, freezing equipments for donuts  cake , breads of hamburger buns/ hot puppy production,

One tower is prime in and bottom out or bottom in and best out, and double tower is base in and bottom out.
Breads or cakes etc input and output directions to be customized according to customer's workshop layout,and dimensions limits,
 such as Input in Lower entrance, well come out from higher exit, Input in Higher entrance, well Output from Lower exit, Twin Inputs+Twin Outputs, Three Inputs+Three Outputs, Round Circle or Ellipse Spiral Towers.

It can be used as spiral proofer, assembly with production line, which improves the production efficiency greatly, users can monitor all proof process via computer control system. Optional Device: Steam System and Heating System. The Spiral Cooling/Freezing Tower is suitable for bulk and packaged foods. It runs as usual at a temperature of 40 ºC below.
Spiral freezer system 
Deep-Freezing Spiral Tower designed according to usage of foods.
Cooling/Freezing Settlement customize for donuts bread,pizza,dumplings,wonton,fresh vegetable,fish or other meat.
Suitable for cooling all kinds of baking foods and fried foods.
there are 2 varieties: Natrual CZPT & Managed Freezing.

 It is the CZPT gear on the automatic generation line of bread, movie, moon cake, dumplings and other food items. It is broadly utilized in large-scale bread, moon cake and movie manufacturing enterprises in various regions.
Spiral CZPT tower
Spiral CZPT conveyor belts and configuration is Dependent on specialist content science and a long time of functional encounter, the business equips buyers with special mesh belts to offer the greatest ideal influence in the CZPT and production method.

Photo voltaic photovoltaic mesh belt,
Large temperature resistant mesh belt,
Annealing CZPT mesh belt, and so on.:
Substantial-temperature mesh belts primarily contain annealing CZPT mesh belts, baking CZPT mesh belts, electrical CZPT higher temperature resistance, mosaic mesh belts have high heat resistance, strong corrosion resistance, high tensile energy, small elongation, uniform pitch, and rapidly heat circulation. Power preserving, extended services daily life, and so on. technical specs consist of crankshaft, straight shaft, diamond, vitality-preserving, double-strand spiral, etc. resources include A3 reduced carbon metal, forty five# steel, 1Cr13 heat-resistant steel, 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel, and so forth.
The chain plate mesh belt is extremely strong, pushed by a stainless metal chain, and created of stainless steel plates. It is appropriate for conveying tiny and higher-density objects. It runs efficiently in the course of the conveying procedure, is hassle-free to put in and change, and has a extended provider daily life. Used for medium and large load transportation. The metal plate is bent to type a hinge, and the hinge and the chain are stringed with each other utilizing a fulcrum. The chains at the two ends can be fixed with cotter pins or washers. The cotter pins are hassle-free for disassembly and routine maintenance.

The chain-plate mesh belt is created of stainless steel plate stamping and forming, chain transmission, every area is connected by 6-10mm assist rods, its movement is stable, the power is big, it is ideal for conveying modest and higher-density objects, it operates easily in the course of the conveying procedure, and is easy to install and exchange , Large expense and extended services daily life.
Chain plate mesh belts are commonly employed in foods processing industries these kinds of as annealing CZPT chain plates and baking CZPT chain plates in the glass products industry, dehydrated greens, fast-frozen foods solitary-freezer pretreatment chain plates, and chain nets. Powder metallurgy, steel heat treatment, quenching, sintering, brazing, roasting, brilliant, blackening, bearing, carburizing large temperature CZPT chain plate, baffle kind chain plate, CZPT drying line conveyor chain plate, foam nickel reduction generation line chain plate , Washing device, hoist, dryer, dryer, curing oven chain plate. Conveying approach chain network, chain plate, rapid-freezing, flat conveying of baking equipment, screw conveying, cleansing of foodstuff machinery, annealing, baking, bottle conveying, and so forth. of glass equipment these kinds of as sterilization, drying, cooling, steaming, etc.
It can form a material conveying procedure from the original feeding level to the closing unloading point on a specified conveying line. It can have out the transportation of damaged resources and the transportation of finished objects. In addition to pure materials transportation, it can also be matched with the demands of the technological process in the manufacturing process of different industrial enterprises to sort a rhythmic assembly line.g tower is designed primarily based on the enhancement of foreign CZPT towers. It is employed to amazing hamburgers, French buns, caterpillars, breads and other types with more substantial output and longer CZPT time. It adopts stainless metal spiral CZPT conveyor belt, plc clever control. While the purpose continues to be the very same, the change of the construction brings about the alter of the value. According to the user's output, construct an cost-effective non-normal spiral tower, which can significantly improve the creation efficiency.

Design OBX-S900 Remarks
Voltages/electrical power 220V/380V 50/60HZ  3PHS as tailored
Power 4.5kw  
Conveying potential 500kgs-1500kgs hourly tailored recognized
Tower peak 5.5 meters Max adjustable
Belts width 1200mm Max adjustable
Tower diameter  1500min and 11000mm max take personalized

Cooler components are customized 
1.   Material, length and width of the conveyor belt.
two.   The height, diameter and layers amount of the tower 
three.   In feed and out feed course.
four.   Shape of the tower (round, elliptic).
five.   Material of the frame.
6.   The  reduction motor, bearing, and the CZPT frequency gadget and screen Are SIMENS

The setting in which the roller chain is utilised and the work it performs will have an effect on which roller chain is utilised and how frequently you will require to change it. Relaxation assured that roller chains are a single of the most successful and effective choices for energy transmission and transportation programs. You will uncover roller chains most frequently utilised for mechanical energy transmission in industrial equipment and item conveyance during manufacturing services. Common Industries: Food, Beverage, Components, Packaging, Automotive, Metals, Development, Mining
Like all of our roller chains, our solitary-strand roller chains are heat dipped to make sure a hundred% lubricated factors and warmth treated to improve wear resistance. Our sizzling dip lubrication method assures that each and every single strand roller chain operates at highest potential and wear lifestyle for as extended as achievable. EP Chain proudly gives extremely tough single chain roller chains for your convenience. Each and every of our one-strand roller chains is preloaded in the course of the production approach, successfully decreasing original elongation right after you obtain your merchandise. You will uncover our single-strand roller chains utilized in a variety of purposes, this sort of as the foodstuff market or conveyor belts. At EP Chain, we comprehend that downtime can imply dropped organization and earnings. Our single-strand roller chains are the lacking website link your organization demands to hold machines and every day functions operating efficiently.

China wholesaler Smart Cakes Spiral Cooler /Cooling Lines /Spiral Freezer /Breads Production Line with spiral Cooler Single Tower     near me shop