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Product Description

G2150 Variety U.S. Bolt Dee Shackle
G2150 Bolt Variety Dee shackle with slender head bolt-nut with cotter pin satisfies the performance specifications of Federal Specs RR-C-271D Kind
Teaceability code, ability, Brand name JSB and WLL embossed.
Design: Solid Quenched and Tempered, with alloy pins.
Substance: Forged Carbon Metal with Alloy pin.
End: Scorching Dip Galvanized.
Proof Load: Tested at 2times of Working Load Limit
Basic safety Aspect: 6: one
Exhaustion: Analyzed at 1.5times of Doing work Load Restrict

Working Load
1/4 .06 eleven.9 7.eighty five six.35 fifteen.5 40.four 24.six 39.6 six.35 .five
5/sixteen .one 13.5 nine.sixty five seven.eighty five 19.1 twenty five.4 48.five 29.5 46.2 seven.85 .seventy five
3/8 .fifteen 16.eight eleven.two nine.65 23.1 31 fifty eight.5 35.eight fifty five 9.sixty five 1
seven/sixteen .22 19.1 twelve.7 11.2 26.nine 36.1 sixty seven.five 41.1 63.five 11.two 1.5
one/2 .34 twenty.six sixteen thirty.2 forty one.4 seventy seven forty six seventy one two
five/8 .67 26.9 sixteen 38.1 51 ninety five.five fifty eight.5 89.5 sixteen 3.25
three/4 one.fourteen 31.8 22.four 46 60.5 a hundred and fifteen 70 103 twenty.6 4.75
seven/eight one.seventy four 36.6 twenty five.4 22.four fifty three seventy one.five 135 81 one hundred twenty 24.6 6.five
one two.fifty two 42.nine twenty five.four 60.5 eighty one 151 93.five one hundred thirty five twenty five.four 8.five
1-1/8 three.45 46 31.8 sixty eight.five ninety one 172 103 a hundred and fifty 31.8 9.5
one-1/four 4.9 fifty one.5 35.1 31.eight 76 100 191 a hundred and fifteen 165 twelve
1-3/eight 6.24 fifty seven 35.1 84 111 210 127 183 thirteen.5
one-1/two 8.39 60.five 41.four ninety two 122 230 137 196 forty seventeen
one-3/4 14.two seventy three fifty one forty four.five 106 146 279 162 230 fifty four 25
2 21.2 eighty two.five fifty seven 51 122 172 312 184 264 60 35
two-1/2 38.6 105 70 sixty six.five one hundred forty five 203 377 238 344 66.five fifty five
3 fifty six 127 eighty two.5 76 165 216 429 279 419 89 85

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China supplier Us Type G2150 Galvanized Steel Bolt D Shackle     wholesaler