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 Anchor and Chain Shackles are Fall cast steel and

equipped with unfastened Clevis Pin and locked with stainless or tough

brass Cotter Important.

Rigidity Clamp For Aluminium Conductor  
                  Complex SPECIFICATION
1.    SCOPE
      This specification covers the style and building of Stress of Stress Clamps to be used for the termination of aluminium-conductors at terminal poles and part poles.      
       The Clamps are suitable for utilised in Tropical zone, with a optimum ambient temperature of about 40ºC and a indicate annual temperature of roughly 28ºC with high humidity and hefty rainfall.
two.              STHangZhouRD
this specification is make reference to and comply with the specifications of pursuing standard:
BS 3288:1973    -    Insulator and Conductor CZPT for
                    Overhead Power Lines
BS 729          -    Sizzling dip Galvanised
3.              ELECTRICAL Program
The Clamps will be designed for use on a 3 section,3 wires, 33/22/eleven/6.6kv,fifty Hz, primary distribution method with the star-stage of the supply-end transformer earthed by way of an Earthing Resistor.
four.              Design and style AND Development
The Clamps are made from material which is not result in chemical corrosion when in continual contact with aluminium conductor. They are have a tensile toughness that the breaking energy that are not significantly less than the breaking toughness of the conductors to be related.
The Clamps are correctly created this sort of that will not cause any pointless pressure and abrasion on the surface area of conductors.
five.              Measurement OF CLAMPS
The Clamps aredesigned to accommodate the following sizes of Aluminium conductors:
a.                  50mm2 Alu. Conductor
b.                  one hundred - 150mmtwo Alu. Conductor
six.              MARKINGS
The Tension Clamps will be indelibly marked as Consumer Requirment.
seven.              INSPECTION AND Assessments
For analysis functions, we will supply the adhering to objects to our cusotmer
a.                  A  sample of the Rigidity Clamp total with all components.
b.   A duplicate of the test report on tests performed in accordance to BS 3288 and BS 729


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